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To begin with the name of Allah, The Merciful and Most Beneficent .

Alhamdulillah,with the talk to live girls grace of Almighty professional powerpoint presentations Allah,we are proud to declare that one more year has passed excellently. More than half century ago i.e. in year 1954 this Madarsa was established by its founder Maulana Mufti Abdul Razzaq Khan, just after completing his education in Darul Uloom , Deoband .

It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction essay editing services to see Madarsas around achievement in providing quality Dini as well as modern worldly education.

The total strength of the students in Jamia Islamia Arabia including  Darul Uloom ,Husainia and other branches are 6220.

Out of 801 students of Arabic ,Hifz & custom dissertation writing service Maktab ,582 students live in the hostel (Darul Iqama).The students who live in the Hostel of madarsa are fully provided with the facilities without charging any amount therefor.From the beginning of this  Madarsa, bourbon stones no fee of any kind is charged, from the students.Lodging, boarding, supply of books and writing materials is absolutely free.Beds, clothes and medicines are also provided to the medical students free of cost. There are 132 branches of the Jamia Islamia Arabia ,in and out of Bhopal.

The payment of salaries ,advances ,loans,etc to the revise my essay free Staff members of this madarsa and Darul Uloom ,Husainia ,is made by the office of Jamia Islamia Arabia Masjid Tarjumewali.

The Dini taleem is based on the Tajweed . The subjects of Hifz, Qirat, Hadeeth, Ifta, Aalim, Fazil are taught in the Madarsa. Darul Qaza is also functioning in the Jamia which has the national name with qaulity.Dini education in all sections which is the finest, the best and original.

It is worth mentioning that academic, technical & practical training in the following trades is also imparted to the students of jamia.

  • Tailoring
  • Book Binding
  • Computer and complete course of :-
  1. Information technology
  2. Business System
  3. Web application development
  4. Programming through Visual basics

32 students have completed their courses in computer programming during the year under report. At present students are enrolled in computer classes and admission is still open.

In this jamia there are seperate classes upto middle standard (upto VIII class) where English ,Hindi, Maths, History and Geography are taught according to the syllabus of board of Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The cases of “Iftista” are heard by “IFTA” & the “FATWAS” are issued by Imarat-e-Shariya which is under Naib-Ameer-Shariyat of the Jamia.

One more Khankahi Nizam which was started last year has become popular amongst the spritual persons & this divine system has established under the able spritual guidance of Ameer-e-Shariyat, Hazrat Mufti Abdul Razzaq khan saheb, Rais-e-Jamia.





President's Message

In this time of struggle it is obligatory to the Ummah to adopt the religious education completely. It should be live and living picture and ideal of Islam for the religious and other matters .Such a live example that the whole world may see with appreciable view and their personality may become respectable in the mind of their non-Muslim brothers. The whole world is in search of truth and spirituality. They are looking spiritual light in Islam and educations of Quran is being favorite in their hearts. You must believe that the day is not far away that “ waraytan nasa yadkhuluna fee deenil lahe afwaaja” And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in crowds.