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Jamia Islamia Arabia Majid Tarjumewali under which all the branches in & out Bhopal are functioning, pay their heartful gratitude and thanks for support & active cooperation in fulfilling the religious activities,especially imparting custom dissertation writing service Dini education of quality.We are grateful of all help rendered to us during all these past years & hope for the same in the years to come.

We are still looking forward for the active cooperation fulfilling the dreams of a Hospital & Medical college, which are pending for want of funds.This year we can only make rooms for opening of a health care center ,provideing medicines and a ambulance for patients.Medical treatment within the premise of Darul Uloom Husainia ,at Toomda.We invite Ahle Khair Hazrat to donate generously for a full fledged Hospital and a Medical college as envisaged earlier.We mention the details of our bankers where money can be deposited through Cheques and Bank drafts .And we had also proofread papers opened the Internet Payment Gateway for your convenience.

President's Message

In this time of struggle it is obligatory to the Ummah to adopt the religious education completely. It should be live and living picture and ideal of Islam for the religious and other matters .Such a live example that the whole world may see with appreciable view and their personality may become respectable in the mind of their non-Muslim brothers. The whole world is in search of truth and spirituality. They are looking spiritual light in Islam and educations of Quran is being favorite in their hearts. You must believe that the day is not far away that “ waraytan nasa yadkhuluna fee deenil lahe afwaaja” And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in crowds.